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For those who will remember this date, experienced emotion that would be difficult to explain. The event of planes crashing in to The World Trade Center in New York City, could only be surreal but was happening before our eyes. The news accounts brought the events to life and so real. The losses, great to all Americans, yet, with the actions of the First Responders, a new view to life and the World appeared to live with us to our graves.
With many a First Responder, were Highly trained Dogs to help in finding any human being buried in the rubble. With their training they are conditioned to not think for the danger, only to please their handler and friend.
This date marks a day of remembering and honoring the lives saved, lost and those who forgot themselves to be concerned only for others.
The Date never to be forgotten.

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Training your dog is the first step to understanding how to train yourself.  

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Sometimes you feel like alone. 

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How many times have you caught your Pet(s) looking at you.  


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